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Business Cents of NC Inc.
P.O. Box 941, Oxford, NC
Lynne Denis Business Cents of NC Inc.
is a non-profit
agency owned and
operated by Lynne H.

Business Cents of NC Inc. Bill Paying,
Budgeting And Bookkeeping Service
Commitment to Customized Service
Paying bills is a part of life that many
would rather do without. By outsourcing the
chore of managing daily finances, this allows
you freedom, while eliminating a source of
worry and frustration. If you think you spend
too much time paying bills each month, or if
it's a task you simply dislike, consider having
Business Cents of NC Inc. do it for you.

If you or a relative are having trouble paying
bills and managing life's paperwork, hiring
Business Cents of NC Inc. will help maintain

Using our bill paying service will make your
life less complicated and improve your
overall quality of life.

Our services are tailored for:
  • Retain financial independence
  • Eliminate burden on children or caretakers
  • Unfortunately, fraud and scams are a big
    problem with the elderly and their money
  • Having a professional looking over the
    senior's shoulder can prevent catastrophic loss
Individuals who simply lack interest in financial matters
  • Eliminate the hassle of budgeting and bill paying
  • Never pay late fees and service charges
  • Improve credit score
At Business Cents of NC Inc. we know
that financial obligations are different for
each individual and each small business.
That is why our services are tailored
to each individual and small business,
and on a case-by-case basis. We work
with the individual, as well as, with
agencies that provide housing assistance
case management, person centered
planning and job coaching to develop
a financial plan that meets the individual's
needs. Operations Manager, Lynne Denis
has provided services for numerous
individuals for over fifteen years.
She has established an open line
of communication with various social
service agencies and community
organizations. By working together
these agencies and organizations are
able to assist an individual in ways
that enable them to live independently
and continue to be a productive member
of society. Programs such as Business Cents of
NC Inc. play a vital role in serving individuals.
Business Cents of NC Inc. will be glad
to assist you with monthly budgeting,
bill paying, and income tax preparation.
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